All games will take place whether rain, snow or shine unless you receive a message from the league. In the event of a thunderstorm teams will be informed about any cancelation via email. All scheduled league games take place on artificial turf at our outdoor venues throughout the summer season. With games being played outdoors, teams and players may be exposed to different kinds of weather and games shall be played - rain or shine. In case of an active thunderstorm, the decision to cancel/postpone games will be made at the field by the discretion of the game official and/or league convener. The league will not cancel games ahead of time based on weather forecasts. In the potential case of a severe weather warning, the league will keep team captains informed via email leading up to scheduled game times.


For team registration cancelations prior to the start of the season, the team deposit will be forfeited. For teams that cancel after the start of the season, all monies are forfeited. To request a refund / cancelation please contact the admin team via email at


Players registering as an individual directly with the league, a $30 administration fee is applied to all refunds. Refunds must be requested no later than one week prior to the first game of the season. Refunds will not be offered once the league is underway.  To request a refund / cancelation please contact the admin team via email at


We require that all players listed on any team’s roster have accepted the waiver before they take part in any game. Any team that does not have enough players listed to field a team may be forced to forfeit the game, and any players not listed will be prevented from playing in the game. Player registration cut off will be at the commencement of week 5 with a maximum of 17 players per roster. Captain's Instructions for adding players to their roster: 1) Login to the website and go to the players list for your team. From there you will see the option to add players.  Enter each of your players’ names and e-mails so they can accept the waiver and be added to the team. 2) It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure that all players on the roster are informed and adhere to these policies. 3) The league reserves the right to refuse entry to the league to any team or individual that does not comply with the items mentioned above.


Only players that are listed on the team roster prior to Week 5 will be permitted to participate in playoff games. This will avoid and deter teams from attempting to play with ineligible players. Teams attempting to field ineligible players will forfeit the game.


Stadium Sport Leagues (SSL) is committed to providing a safe, fun, and inclusive environment for all its players, teams, and staff. As such, we enforce a Gender Inclusive Policy, which emphasizes zero tolerance for abusive or harassing behavior, including any type of gender and/or sexual discrimination. As it relates to Co-Ed game play: Players may register under ‘male’ or ‘female’, or ‘non-binary/other’ gender identities.

 There is a ‘two male, two female -minimum rule’ enforced during game play which states that at least two male and two female players are to be on the field at all times for 5 A-Side and 7v7 and 3 players for 9v9.

 Players registered as ‘Non-binary/other’ do not count towards this rule but do count towards the total player numbers. A player is never to be questioned by any player or staff member.

 During game play, any player found questioning another player’s gender will be issued an immediate red card.

As it relates to Men's and Women's game play: only players who register as male may participate in Men's Leagues. Only those players who register as female may participate in Women's leagues. Those players who register as male/female/other are eligible to participate in any coed league. Any member of SSL who feels they have ever been, or witnessed, an individual being discriminated against, bullied, verbally or sexually harassed, based on gender and/or identity or expression has resources available to them, please contact:


Whilst we appreciate that on occasion it may be difficult to field a squad for any given game, teams must show common courtesy to their opponents if they are not able to attend their match. Not turning up to a game without some form of notice is unacceptable. If you have exhausted all avenues to be able to field a team, we suggest the following procedure: 1) Make an attempt to contact your opposing team captain. This can be done int he "My Team --> Contact Other Captains" feature of the website. 2) Send an email to the league via stating that your team cannot make it, outside of 48 hours is preferred. 3) Consider contacting the captains of the teams that play immediately before and after your games to see if they would be willing to play a second game so that your opponent has the option to still play a game. If possible keep your opponent and the league admin in the loop on these emails. Always try to give your opponent and the league as much advance notice of a forfeit as possible, this gives them/us more time to find a replacement team. Any team that forfeits a game automatically receives a 3-0 scoreline against them. Teams that forfeit games without ample notice may be asked to leave the league or have other sanctions placed against them. Teams that forfeit twice in a single season with less than 48hrs notice will be removed from the schedule.


Each team is expected to have matching jerseys with a unique number for every player which is to be worn for the entire season. This is to help the league/referee properly identify each player individually.


The format of the league will vary depending on the number of teams involved and skill level. In general, the format will be a league split into one or more divisions with playoffs in each season. Results: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. Teams tied on points at end of the league portion will be ranked first on "head to head"encounters, followed by goal difference, goals scored and goals against.


For all Co-Ed games there must be a minimum of 2 male and 2 female players on the field of play at all times. This requirement does not include the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper is neutral to this requirement. A team may play with just 1 male or 1 female player but must play short (play 6 players instead of 7). If a team is unable to field at least 1 male and 1 female player, the team will forfeit the match.


All players must be listed on the team roster and have accepted the waiver in order to be eligible to play as stated in our league policies. Rosters may be checked by the convener or referee at any time - players who do not meet the roster requirements will be removed and ineligible to play. Any team disputing another team’s roster must make the referee/convener aware prior to kick off. If a player arrives after kick off, that request for a specific player must be made at half time.Players are permitted to play for multiple teams (including the same game night), however those teams MUST be in different divisions. Teams are permitted to recruit/add players from other teams during the season, however all recruited players must currently play in a lower division i.e division 2 teams can add player(s) from Division 3, but not from Division 1


Team benches are reserved for registered players only. Injured players may reside on the bench as long as they are registered and have their team jersey with them. After your match we kindly ask that you please take your belongings to the track/bleacher area so the oncoming teams can have their space to set up and warm up.


If a playoff game ends in a tie: 1) The game goes immediately to penalty kicks. No extra time or golden goal will be played. 2) The referee will decide which net is used for the penalty kicks. 3) Which team shoots first is decided by the referee. 4) Each team will take three penalty kicks. 5) In a Coed match each team must alternate between male and female shooters i.e. if a male kicks the first penalty, the team’s second penalty must be taken by a female and so on 6) The goalkeeper who was in goal when the final whistle went must remain in goal for the penalties (a serious injury is the only exception at the referee’s discretion). 7) If the game is still tied after three penalties each, the teams will continue to take sudden death penalties until one team scores and the other misses. Both teams must take an equal number of penalties. 8) A male player cannot take a 2nd penalty until every male in the team has taken one. The same rule applies to female players.


Teams are comprised of 7 players (including a keeper) and we recommend that all players wear suitable footwear such as indoor turf or cleated soccer shoes (metal studded cleats are strictly prohibited) with shin guards are mandatory for every player. Any player not wearing shin guards will be asked to leave the field and put them on. A player may not return until they are worn. Team captains are responsible for making sure that all players on their team are wearing a matching shirt with their assigned number. Team colours are chosen at the beginning of the season and are always visible in the league table and fixture list. In the event of a colour clash, the Home team (the team listed first on the fixture schedule) will get preference and the Away team must bring an alternative colour or wear our pinnies. If the game official sees a player(s) not wearing the correct matching shirt they will be asked to leave the field of play to equip the appropriate shirt with their assigned number. No hats/toques, pants, jackets are permitted to be worn while playing with the sole exception for religious reasons or unless previously discussed with the league before match day. Step tracking/fitness watches are permitted so long as they are covered with a sweatband – no exceptions. Jewelry that is deemed unsafe will be asked to be removed at the referee and/or league’s discretion and must be immediately removed.


Players should arrive sufficiently early so that games will start on time. Games will start and end at the designated time and WILL NOT overrun due to a team’s late arrival. A halftime break of 4-5 minutes for 90 minute games and 2-3 minutes for 60 minute games will occur and teams, at the referee's discretion, will switch ends after the half. Games will begin 5 minutes after the officially scheduled kick off time (6:30pmgame = 6:35pm kick off). This allows both teams to get setup at their bench, a brief warm-up, and allows the referee to convene with the captains, gather a game ball. If both teams and the referee are ready to start prior to the 5 minute window, the game can begin. A match will be forfeited if any team cannot field a squad by 15 minutes past the official start time or they are unable to meet the Co-Ed requirements to field a team.


Games will typically end on the hour or half hour with the next game commencing a few minutes after. Once the match is concluded teams are expected to grab their belongings and move off the field so the oncoming teams can set up and warm up in their allotted time. In the event of a game not having a referee, the game will be rescheduled or a League Convener may step in and officiate the match. If you are playing a friendly, the game please finish the game at the normal time, games should never overrun as this will cause conflict and delay the schedule.


Player substitutions can be made at anytime during the match, however the player coming off must completely enter the team area before a new player can join the action.  Goalkeepers must wait for a stoppage in play before substituting. The referee will disallow goalkeeper substitutions if they feel this tactic is being used to delay the match.


A handball will occur if the ball makes contact anywhere below the shoulder and the referee deems it a deliberate movement or if a significant advantage was gained by using it. The referee will allow the game to play if he deems it to be incidental, unintentional or if there is a significant advantage to the team in possession of the ball – play to the whistle. Women are allowed to protect their chest and men their groin area.


All free kicks are indirect. To score off an indirect kick, the ball must be touched by another player (offensive, defensive, or the goalkeeper). If a ball hits the top or sides of the dome, an indirect kick is awarded to the opposite team. The ball should be placed at the spot on the field that is closest to where the ball made contact with the dome. i.e. directly underneath the point at which the ball hit the ceiling.


Penalties will be awarded for any “Direct” free kick infringement as stated in Law12, within the goalkeeper's areas. All penalties are taken from the penalty spot marked on the field. Free kicks that are a result of an "Indirect" infringement occurring within the goalkeeper's area will result in an indirect free kick; no closer than 5 yards from nearest part of the goal line.


There are no throw-ins, instead a kick in from the side will be taken where the ball went out of play. A goal may NOT be scored directly from a goal kick, corner kick and kick-in's as all of these are indirect.


A goalkeeper can use their hands ONLY when they are inside the lined goal area. When inside the goal area, a goalie CANNOT pick up a ball with his/her hands if the ball has been played back to them on purpose by a player on his/her team. The only exception is if the player directs the ball back to the goalie with their head, chest, thigh or shin - in this case the goalie CAN pick the ball up with his/her hands. A violation of this rule results in an indirect free kick for the other team at the spot where the goalie inappropriately used their hands. The goalkeeper is free to leave the goal area at any time to play the ball.


As with handballs, the referee will use their judgment to keep the game flowing where possible. If a foul occurs and the refereed deems the advantage to be with the team suffering the foul, play may continue, so always play to the whistle. If the ball strikes the referee, the whistle will be blown and the ball will be a drop ball to the team that was in possession. If the ball makes contact with the corner flag or goal post and remains in play, the game will continue uninterrupted as they are considered part of the field of play. When in doubt, play to the referee's whistle.


Even if contact is made with the ball first, slide tackling is absolutely prohibited and not allowed under any circumstances. Players are not permitted to slide to block a  shot or pass that is deemed in close proximity of their opponent and will be deemed a foul at the referee’s discretion. The act of sliding is permitted to reach across or to keep a ball in play but this must also not be done in close proximity to other players. Sliding to save or play the ball with no opponents around is permitted provided it is NOT dangerous, however slide tackles or challenging an opponent on the ground is NOT permitted.


To score a goal, the whole ball must pass over the goal line. The referee will have the final say in determining a goal.


The offside rule is not applied in 7v7 or 9v9, only in 11v11 leagues. 


Yellow cards (cautions) and red cards (dismissals) are in place to issue punishments for various offences. Under Law 12 (hyper link this text to Law 12) of the FIFA rules, if a player commits any of these offences in a reckless manner the referee will produce a yellow card and that player will serve a full two minute penalty. If a referee deems the player to have committed any of these fouls in an excessive manner, then they will be shown a red card and that player may nol onger take part in the game and must depart from the facility and the team will play short for a full five minutes.

f) Extreme Unsporting Behaviour: Committing particularly despicable behaviour, including(g) Spitting at an opponent or any other person;(h)Use of extremely abusive language or behaviour toward a Game Official; (i)Aggressive physical contact with a Game Official in dissent;(j) Deliberate handball or foul that denies a clear goal scoring opportunity;Time Penalties - The following time penalties apply to infractions for which a card is issued (subject to further action by the Administrative Authority). During the time penalty teams must play short.(a) Yellow Card: 2 minutes for a Yellow Card;(b) Red Card: The player will be dismissed/ejected and not allowed to return to the game. The team must play short for 5 minutes with the offending player being ejected: any player receiving a Red Card will take no further part in the game and will, depending on the circumstances, be banned from a number of subsequent games or dismissed from the league entirely. Note - any player receiving a red card must also leave the facility immediately. [A red card will mean that the team must play short for 5minutes] Time penalties are assessed from the time that play restarts after the infraction occurs. All time penalties are absolute and will run for the full duration of the penalty regardless of how many goals are scored in that period.


Players who have been issued a red card/dismissal will be subject to the following penalties. The league reviews each incident individually and reserves the right to reduce or apply additional penalties in the event of situations involving extraordinary circumstances. All red cards carry a minimum of at least one game suspension. If you receive a red card, you will not be eligible to participate in the next scheduled game for that player.  Receiving a second yellow card in the same match: 1 Game Suspension. Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity: 1 Game Suspension. Abusive language, dissent, or gestures directed towards a League Official: 1-3 Game Suspension. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: 1-3 Game SuspensionSerious Foul Play: 1-5 Game Suspension. Violent Conduct (Spitting, Striking, Kicking, Fighting, Threatening, Extreme Verbal. Abuse against an opposing player: Minimum 3 game suspension leading to permanent suspension depending on the severity of the offense.Violent Conduct against a League Official (Aggressive Physical Contact, Spitting,Threatening, Extreme Verbal Abuse): Minimum 6 month suspension leading to permanent suspension depending on the severity of the offense.Team Misconduct: Any violent acts or other behaviour that is detrimental to the reputation of the league committed by teams, large groups of players or supporter(s) will result in a blanket suspension and or expulsions. The league reserves the right to retain team fees in instances deemed appropriate. Receiving a second red card in a single league season that has not been issued for a serious offense: Additional 1 Game Suspension applied to the initial suspension.Receiving a third red in a single season: The league will review the player's disciplinary history as well as the circumstances before issuing a suspension.

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