Policies And Procedures


Weather Policies

All games will take place, rain, snow or shine unless you receive a message from us to the contrary.  In the even of a thunderstorm for outdoor games we will relay information on about canceled games from the field provider.  All scheduled league games take place on artificial turf at one of our outdoor venues throughout the summer season. Because games are being played outdoors, teams and players may be exposed to different kinds of weathers. Games will be played regardless of rain or shine! In case of an active thunderstorm, the decision to cancel/postpone games will be made at the field of play at the discretion of the game official and/or league convenor. The league will not cancel games ahead of time based on forecasted weather. In the potential case of a severe weather warning, the league will keep team captains informed via email leading up to scheduled game times.


Refund / Cancellation Policy (Teams)

For team registration cancelations prior to the start of the league, the team deposit of is forfeited.  For teams that cancel after the start of the season, all monies are forfeited.  To request a refund / cancellation please contact the admin team via email at admin@stadiumsportleagues.com.  


Refund / Cancellation Policy (Individuals)

For players that register as an individual directly with the league, a $30 administration fee is applied to all refunds.  Refunds must be requested no later than one week prior to the first game of the season.  Refunds will not be offered once the league is underway.  We will not entertain any requests for players who have paid monies directly to a team.  To request a refund / cancellation please contact the admin team via email at admin@stadiumsportleagues.com


Team Roster Policy

We require that all players are listed on the roster and have accepted the waiver before they take part in any game.  Any team that does not have enough players listed to field a team may be forced to forfeit the game, and any players not listed may be prevented from playing in the game. We will not enter into any correspondence or issue any refunds to teams or players prevented from taking part in games after failing to adhere to these policies.

Captain's Instructions for adding players to their roster:

  1. Login to the website, and go to the players list for your team. From there you should see the option to add players, please enter each of your players’ names and e-mails so that they can accept the waiver and be added to the team.
  2. If is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure that all players either on the roster or substitutes are informed and adhere to these policies.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the league to any team or individual. 


Team Roster Policy (Playoffs)

Only players that are listed on the team roster on or before the last regular game of the season will be allowed to participate in playoff games.  Effectively, ringers are not allowed.  Teams fielding ineligible players will forfeit the game.


Gender Inclusive Policy

Stadium Sport Leagues (SSL) is committed to providing a safe, fun,and inclusive environment for all its players, teams, and staff. As such,we enforce a Gender Inclusive Policy, which emphasizes zero tolerance for abusive or harassing behavior, including any type of gender and/or sexual discrimination.

As it relates to Co-Ed gameplay: Players may register under ‘male’ or ‘female’, or ‘non-binary/other’ gender identities.

  • There is a ‘two male, two female -minimum rule’ enforced during gameplay which states that at least two male and two female players are to be on the field at all times for 5 A-Side and 7v7 and 3 players for 9v9.
  • Players registered as ‘Non-binary/other’ do not count towards this rule but do count towards the total player numbers. A player is never to be questioned by any player or staff member.
  • During gameplay, any player found questioning another player’s gender will be issued an immediate red card.

As it relates to Men's and Women's gameplay: only players who register as male may participate in Men's Leagues. Only those players who register as female may participate in Women's leagues. Those players who register as male/female/other are eligible to participate in any coed league.

Any member of SSL who feels they have ever been, or witnessed, an individual being discriminated against, bullied, verbally or sexually harassed, based on gender and/or identity or expression has resources available to them, please contact: admin@stadiumsportleagues.com.


Forfeit Policy

Whilst we appreciate that on occasion it may be difficult to field a squad for a given game, we would appreciate it if teams could show some common courtesy to their opponents if they aren't going to turn up for a given game.  Simply not turning up to a game without some form of notice is unacceptable.  If you have exhausted all avenues to be able to field team, we suggest the following procedure:

  1. Make an attempt to contact your opposing team captain.  This can be done in the "My Team --> Contact Other Captains" feature of the website.
  2. Drop an email to the league via admin@stadiumsportleagues.com stating that your team cannot make it.
  3. Consider contacting the captains of the teams that play immediately before and after your games to see if they would be willing to play a second game so that your opponent has the option to still play a game.  If possible keep your opponent and the league admin in the loop on these emails.

Always try to give your opponent and the league as much advance notice of a forfeit as possible, this gives them/us more time to find a replacement team.  Any team that forfeits a game automatically receives a 3-0 scoreline against them.  Teams that forfeit games without ample notice may be asked to leave the league or have other sanctions placed against them. Teams that forfeit twice in a single season with less than 48hrs notice will be removed from the schedule. 

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