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23 June 2024 @ 3:13 AM by Morgan Leon

Hi there!

My team is looking for a guy to play on our co-ed team on Sunday evenings. Games are between 5 to 10 pm. 

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11 July 2024 @ 3:36 AM by Owais Hotak

Hello I would love to to play in a regular team if there's a chance i play as winger cuz I have the pace for it and can defend too I would like to join a game and it's what you guys looking for well and good and if not I'll be on my way thank you . 

12 July 2024 @ 1:30 AM by Daniel Gonzalez

Hey, if you need a RB or any midfield position, i can fill that spot. Would love to join. 

15 July 2024 @ 1:56 PM by Alvaro Perez

Hey Morgan. I'd be interested in joining if you guys are in need of a defender. I've been playing 7s for years and my experience has been mostly as a defender (2-3 player-line) or a defensive mid. 

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