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Keeper available
15 June 2022 @ 3:36 PM by Micheal Mitchell



My name is Micheal, played keeper all my life until recently. Looking to get back into keeping after playing the winter season in net for the first time in a couple years. If anyone needs a keeper even for a game feel free to reach out - probably can only do Friday and Sunday at Central tech.




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17 June 2022 @ 3:43 PM by Thomas Clohosey

Hi Michael,


Would you be available to play co-ed this Sunday at 7pm (Central Tech)? Our team has been together for 4 years, lots of chemistry, just happen to have our keeper out of town. Let me know :)


17 June 2022 @ 3:49 PM by Micheal Mitchell


Ya I can for sure come out and help. 

Thanks for reaching out!


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